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File Hosting

Upload up to 150 MiB for 48 hours.
Click on "Information" for more details and the FAQ.

What is Rokket.Space ?

Need a lightning fast and reliable host for any kind of file? Images, Archives or Important Documents?
Don't want to worry about deleting the file afterwards ?
We got you covered with our awesome 48hour temporary storage.
Upload any file up to 150 mb and enjoy all the advantages of our great security service.

Why Rokket.Space ?

150 MB

Upload up to 150 mb, regardless of filetype. Any file gets tender loving care and a special treatment with a randomly generated link!


Need to quickly share an image or file but don't want it floating around the internet until the end of time? Don't worry, we'll take care of that and automatically delete any file after 48 hours.


You want a safe and secure service, that's why we encrypt all our files and use a secure upload protocol. Additionally we check every file that is uploaded with our own anti-virus solution.


Shell Alias
Simple alias that should work in most shells, only requires cURL. Usage: upload FILE [FILE [FILE...]]
curl -sS -F "files[]=@%1" -H "multipart/form-data" -H "token:YOUR_API_TOKEN" c

[OSX] Shell Screenshot Script
puush-like functionality for Rokket.Space

Katana a powerful, open-source screenshot utility for macOS

ShareX, Screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool

ShareX Custom uploader .sxcu (automatic)
Download: Rokket.Space/rokket.sxcu

ShareX Custom uploader copy (manual)
Show: Rokket.Space/sharex

Donate(Work in Progress)

Currently it is only possible to support the website via Bitcoin.
More information coming soon, we are working on a new Donation system.


Please read before using Rokket.Space.

Rokket.Space does NOT support older versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.
Uploading tools for Rokket.Space can be found in the Tools section.
Currently all content is allowed under German law. Malware and child porn is not welcome here.
All filetypes are allowed, except exe, scr, vbs, bat, cmd, html, htm, msi. (Due to malware).
No logs are kept, not over uploads or downloads. None, period.
Files will be automatically deleted after 48 hours
I want to deliver the best free service I can, without ads or such so donations are very welcome via the bitcon button at the bottom of the (Rokket.Space) page.

For removal of a file or to submit abuse reports (DMCA) use our contact form or email.

Get in touch with us!

Want to say hello?
If you have a specific request or question, you can email us directly using the contact information below.

API Documentation

See the full Rokket.Space API and get: app icons, banners, logos and more